how it started

skateboarding was started by surfers in the early 1970's,

the wheels were made of wood and so were the boards.

below is a documentary of skateboarding called the lords of dogtown

skateboarding in the 2000's

now skateboarding is one of the most popular sports in the world.
It is the 3'rd most popular sport in the world. When skateboarding
started to become popular was when tony hawk became famous
and then everyone herd of him and a lot of people got inspired
and started skateboarding vert and now in the country Brazil
skateboarding is the second most popular sport.

        Then Rodney Mullen comes in to skateboarding and that
guy really changed street skating he invented the kickflip and heelfilp
and the 360 flip, this guy also inspired people and made a difference
in skateboarding but for street not vert.

below is Rob Dyrdek doing a nosegrind down a rail