Weaponry History | Weapons:A Written History


                        ANCIENT WEAPONRY

                                                              WEAPONRY HISTORY

                   It Starts

Since Homosapiens (humans) first roamed the earth and even before with early humans weapons were in use. Back then spears and knives were used to hunt, fish, and prepare food. They were vital. They food provide food and through teaching others how to make these tools language blossomed.


Eventually we became more intelligent and cavemen vanished. Then the time of the bible started. Though not everyone agrees that the events in the bible actually accured, the bible does describe new weapons as well as battles. These new weapons were used in battle. One flaw seen strait away way. The only materials available at the time were stone, wood, copper, and bronze.These were all fairly soft materials and would break easily. So a new fighting style developed that is different than what we know. Below is a video showing the weapons of the bible and how they were used.


Rome is considered the most powerful empire that ever lived. They copied then improved the weapons of their enemies. They also were in perfect shape as well as educated. They were diciplined and were put through non stop training. Their main weapon was the modified gladius which was perfectly desighned to peirce through armor, flesh, and bones. They also carried a large rectangular shield about 3-4 feet long and about2-3 feet wide. They were extremely motivated and refuse to lose. With their large shilds in formation they make a wall. Here is a video.

            Vikings and Barbarians

Vikings and Barbarian armies were made up of civilizations or small empires. Despite what you may think these empires were quite well organized. These groups were known for their strength and will to win.Here is a video on Barbarians.

         Ninjas And Samurai

Ninjas and Samurai are very well known, yet they are complete opposites. Ninja weapons are not decorated or sacred. They are desighned to be multi-purpose and vercitile. Samurai weapons are sacred and very decorated. Weapons made for one use. Their styles are different to. Samurai are diciplined to attack and retreat with strategy. Ninjas are to win by any means necessary. Here is a three part video on ninjas, then below that another on samurai.